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Arbitration Awards Library

This is a "library" of arbitration awards that can be a resource for union leaders and staff.  Read more>>>

Naugatuck BOE&AFSCME 1303-50

Town of Hamden & UPSEU Local 424

Norwalk Transit District & AFSCME 1303-186

MBA-Hamden BOE L 134

Town of East Hartford & East Hartford Police Officers Assn.

Town of Wallingford & UPSEU Local 424

Town of Manchester and AFSCME Local 1495

Case 2010-MBA-153

Case 2010-A-0663

Case 2010-A-0778

Case 2009-A-0817

Case Numbers: 2009-A-0773 and 2009-A-0818

Case 2010-A-0587

Case 2010-A-0190

Case 2010-A-0703

Case 2006-MBA-270

Case 2010-A-0084

Case 2009-A-0300

Case (2010-A-0356

Case 2009-MBA-286

Case 2010-MBA-22)

Case 2007-MBA-192

Case 2008-MBA-48

Case 2009-MBA-64

Case (2007-MBA-25)

Case 2009-MBA-288

Case 2008-MBA-103

Case 2010-MBA-251

Case 2011-MBA-366

Case 2010-A-640

Case 2009-MBA-121

Case 2007-MBA-209

Case 2010-MBA-318

Case 2008-MBA-038

Case 2010-MBA-310

Case 2006-MBA-292

Award of Arbitration Panel

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