When: Saturday, Dec 4, 2021, 12:00pm

Governor Lamont's Residence
990 Prospect Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105

On Saturday, December 4 at noon, students, faculty, and staff from Connecticut’s twelve community colleges will gather to rally in support of keeping the “community” in our Community Colleges.

The CSCU administration is proposing to both (1) consolidate services used across all 12 colleges and (2) merge into one single accredited institution with 12 branches. The consolidation of services, known as shared services, was proposed to save money, but the only savings have come from attrition of student-facing staff while CSCU continues to hire top administrators. The attrition of our student-facing staff is impacting student services such as not hiring replacement mental health counselors, veterans’ coordinators, and career services staff.

“The consolidation of our community colleges is creating a one size fits all college that is stealing resources away from our colleges and away from our majority black and brown students,” said Seth Freeman, President of the Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges. “Our communities deserve fully-funded, independent community colleges that will meet the unique needs of our students and communities.”