“AFT in Action:” Getting the Facts on Vaccines

The topic of the latest episode in AFT Connecticut's podcast series is the impact of vaccination against the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) to reduce the virus’ chokehold on our communities. State federation president Jan Hochadel and vice-president John Brady, RN, co-host a discussion on progress since Connecticut's health professionals, school staff and older residents began to be inoculated.

Joining them is Saud Anwar, MD, who serves as a state senator in the General Assembly and works at Manchester Memorial Hospital as a pulmonologist. He answers union members’ questions about vaccine safety and efficacy, as well as the state’s distribution efforts to date. Senator Anwar additionally looks ahead to post-pandemic life in Connecticut and what is needed to make it brighter for all working families.

AFT Connecticut's podcasts serve to provide a deeper dive into issues impacting members and the wider labor movement as part of the state federation's engagement and communications programs.