Convention Delegates Declare Unanimous Opposition to Bankruptcy in Hartford

The over 300 delegates that attended the Connecticut AFL-CIO’s Twelfth Biennial Constitutional Convention earlier this month declared unanimous opposition to bankruptcy in the City of Hartford.

Bankruptcy would be a devastating option for Hartford. The city’s residents, students, homeowners, businesses, workers, and retirees would suffer significantly if bankruptcy was ever declared – and may never fully recover from the repercussions. Not to mention the residual damage to the state of Connecticut and Hartford’s surrounding towns.

Delegates agreed with the position of the Hartford City Council, which has already avowed their strong opposition to bankruptcy and filing for Chapter 9 protection. Instead, there should be a partnership with elected officials, community members, public workers, and policy experts to work collaboratively to develop an alternative financial plan.

It’s important to note that Hartford’s workers have stood up and saved the city over $19 million over a four-year period. And these figures do not include the concessions teachers and paraeducators have made on healthcare, which are still being calculated. It also does not count the savings from the workers still negotiating with the Mayor.

Hartford has a lot of potential and bankruptcy would destroy all of it. Let’s make sure it’s not the first capital in the country to go down this dangerous path.

Click here to read the unanimously passed resolution, “Oppose Bankruptcy for the City of Hartford.”