It’s time for $15 in Connecticut

Today, a full-time worker in Connecticut has to make at least $24.47 an hour just to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment.* At $10.10 an hour, our state’s minimum wage simply isn’t enough to support a lone adult, yet alone a family.

These low wages subsidize corporations like Wal-Mart that put their workers on public assistance, forcing people into poverty and stripping them of the spending power our economy and small businesses need to grow.

The time is now for Connecticut to join the growing list of states passing a $15 minimum wage, including three of our neighbors next door — New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

Click here to add your name to tell Governor Lamont: we have your back in the fight for $15. Let’s get this done this year and send a clear message that we’re building a stronger, fairer economy from the ground up.

* National Low Income Housing Coalition. Out of Reach 2017: Connecticut